One-piece flip tpu samsung phone case for samsung galaxy z flip 5
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One-piece Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5


1.Material: TPU+Metal+Magnet+Microfiber

2.Color: 11 colors                               

3.Functions: shockproof/anti-scratch/anti-dust

4.Packing:Opp Bag

5.Product size:8.5*7.5*2.3cm(fliped)/16.8*7.5*1.3cm(unfliped)

6.Net weight:37.8g

7.Gross weight:40.5g


9.Carton Size:55x39x51cm

10.Gross Weight/Carton:17.3kg

11.The above data is for case compatible with Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5

12.MOQ: 10PCS/model/color

For Model

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3,Z Flip 4, Z Flip 5

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